In fact, people are a little proud to be normal.


In fact, people are a little proud to be normal.

Some people in life are not self-sufficient, thinking that “I am the best in the world,” but when he really wants to come up with the ability, he is not concerned about him, that is, the soles of his feet are smeared and fleeing.

銆€銆€To understand the nature of this psychological phenomenon, we do not hinder the look at extreme facts.

A symptom of mental illness is called “arrogant reverie.”

The patient firmly believes that he is a superhuman reincarnation, and the god Buddha reincarnation; clearly that he is penniless, but tells the people around him that he has hundreds of millions of families.

Through antipsychotic treatment, arrogance can be effectively suppressed, but mental patients who are not arrogant often become unhappy.

The reason is very simple. When faced with reality, mental patients find that their social adaptability has been seriously impaired, and they often fail to participate in competition for survival.

銆€銆€After a large-scale systematic study, psychologists have found that normal people’s perception of self actually has a slight arrogance. Therefore, a slightly proud person is normal, and those who are completely self-aware will have a depression advantage.

The optimism we often talk about refers to this slight arrogance expectation.