Teach you five yoga moves to promote blood circulation

Teach you five yoga moves to promote blood circulation

Many white-collar workers like to cultivate their mind and body through yoga. In addition to cultivating people’s mind, yoga can also promote the sequentialization of blood, effectively improve metabolism, and achieve shaping effects.

Here are 5 yoga tricks to help blood circulation.


One-legged V-shaped sitting position with knees bent, holding feet with both hands, feet slightly separated from the ground.

Inhale, the rectal leg is raised and straightened, and the other leg is leaned toward the abdomen, and the spine naturally stretches.

Exhale, bend your knees and return to the original state.

Inhale and practice alternately.


Bend forward and lean in a standing position, legs close together, hands folded, upper body slowly bent forward.

Place your palms on the floor at the ends of your feet, keep your feet straight, and keep your heels on the ground.

Hold your posture for 5-10 breaths.


Triangle The two legs of the triangle are spread apart at both ends, inhale, a pair of sideways flat, right foot turned 90 degrees backwards, left foot passed 15 degrees.

Exhale, the spine drives the entire upper body horizontally to the right and reaches the limit.

Touch your instep with your right hand, turn your head up, and keep your left hand up your gaze.

Hold 6 deep breaths.


Camel kneeling position with knees slightly apart.

Hands and hips hang down naturally, straightening the spine.

Hold your knees with both hands, inhale, push the pelvis gently forward, the chest muscles tighten, and your upper body slowly bends backwards. Touch the heel on the same side with one hand first.

Exhale, place your other hand on the heel of the same side, relax your head backwards, try to push your waist up, and replace it with your chest.

Keep breathing evenly.


Cats are on all fours, with their eyes facing the front and their toes raised.

Inhale and push out the top of the knee.

As you exhale, bend your hips until you see your belly button.

Repeat 5 times.

  In cold weather, the body’s blood circulation slows down, and the elderly affect metabolic capacity.

The above 5 recommended yoga moves help the blood flow in order to keep your body warm in the cold.