94-year-old man wants to fall back to his hometown, hide and seek, hide and seek, sleep on the streets


94-year-old man wants to fall back to his hometown, hide and seek, hide and seek, sleep on the streets

A wheelchair, a wire bed, and a car’s old furniture. On the night of the 6th, on the side of the wall of Dajiang Middle School in Banan District, a September old man, accompanied by a nanny, temporarily placed the “home” here.

銆€銆€”How can an elderly person of this age sleep on the street?

The citizens who heard the news came to inquire. The old man was 94 years old and returned to Chongqing from Chengdu, Sichuan, just to “fallen leaves.”

Unexpectedly, when the younger son heard that his father had returned to Chongqing, he immediately hanged up.

And the eldest son in Chengdu, the phone can not be connected.

銆€銆€The 94-year-old man returned to Chongqing at noon yesterday. When the Chongqing Morning Post reporter rushed to the Jiren Hospital in Banan District, the 94-year-old man was lying on the hospital bed.

On the afternoon of the 7th, the staff of Yudong Street in Banan District met the old man’s experience and made a special trip to the rescue station in Banan District to arrange for the elderly to live in the hospital.

銆€銆€Accompanied by the elderly, the old woman named Wang, is the nanny that the old man asked, and began to take care of the elderly in 2007, with a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan.

銆€銆€”The old man wants to fall back to the roots, and the eldest son does not send him. I have to follow him.

“Wang Po said that many people are now complaining about her, should not listen to the old man, but she knows that Yi Daye is not as good as before, and he will live in the hospital almost every month.”

Not long ago, Yi Daye and the patient in the ward died of illness, and Yi Grandpa thought of going back to Chongqing.

“My account is in Chongqing and the root is in Chongqing.

“Car rental moved all the way to smash the late night resistance. On March 5th, Yi Daye was discharged from the hospital, and urged Wang Po to help him move, to return to Chongqing to live with his younger son.

銆€銆€The next day, Wang’s mother-in-law packed up her family’s things, including wheelchairs for the elderly, wire beds, pots and pans, and furniture and appliances. The two spent 1,700 yuan to rent trucks and trucks to help them move from Chengdu to Chongqing.
銆€銆€Wang’s mother said that on the day of departure, Yi’s eldest son in Chengdu also came to see him off, and also wrote the address and phone number of his brother in Chongqing.

銆€銆€At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Wang Popo set off with Yi Daye. Considering that the old man was in poor health, Wang Popo also went to the hospital to charge a bag of oxygen, so that Yi Daye was sucking all the way.

銆€銆€”Because of traffic jams, when we returned to Chongqing, it was almost 11 o’clock in the middle of the night.

After eight hours of bumps along the way, the two old people finally found the address written by the eldest son: 17 in a certain district of Yudong, Banan District.

銆€銆€The peek-a-boo old man had no choice but to sleep on the street. Wang’s mother-in-law immediately got off the bus and ran to the security room of the community to call the younger son of the old man.

銆€銆€After the telephone was connected, the oldest son of the old man was answered. When he heard that his father had returned to Chongqing, the call was hanged up.

銆€銆€”I called my cell phone again and I was always on the phone.”

“Wang Wangpo was very helpless, and then the phone never passed.”

No way, Wang Popo found the community security and the owners to help, only to know that this district has no “17 buildings.”

銆€銆€”I called the eldest son again. He asked me to find a police station. Later, the phone couldn’t get through.

“Wang Wangpo was so anxious to cry, and finally had to let the driver drive the car to a place where it can block the wind, and put the “home” first.

銆€銆€That night, after the mother-in-law settled in the uncle, she stayed in the wheelchair for one night, and when it was cold in the middle of the night, she got up and ran a few laps through the wall.

“I came from Chengdu, that is, I want to put the old man in the hands of his son. Now that people have not handed it off, I dare not go.”

“Wang Wangpo said.

銆€銆€The elderly in the street were temporarily staying in the hospital for 4 o’clock in the morning. Several business people who set up stalls outside Dajiang Middle School found an old man who was shivering in the cold wind and enthusiastic citizens called for 110.

The police quickly arrived and sent the old man to the rescue station in Banan District.

銆€銆€Subsequently, the staff of Yudong Street in Banan District came to know the old man’s experience.

At this time, Yi Grandpa was pale because he was frozen and hungry.

The staff immediately arranged an ambulance and took the elderly to recuperate.

銆€銆€Yesterday, Lin Bo, a staff member of the Social Affairs Section of Yudong Street in Banan District, told reporters that the current physical condition of the elderly is relatively weak and cannot withstand tossing back and forth.

The sons of the elderly could not be found. They had to temporarily resettle the elderly in the hospital for treatment. The expenses incurred by the elderly during their stay in Chongqing were borne by them.

銆€銆€Who should raise two children: The elder brother’s experience of the old man’s customs has made many people around him feel uncomfortable.

Too many citizens also rushed to the hospital to visit the elderly.

Wang Po said that the younger son of the old man is Huang Yi Neng, who used to be an employee of Dajiang Factory.銆€銆€鈥淗uang Yi Neng is a retired engineer at Dajiang Factory and lives in the Tengwang Pavilion community.

Under the guidance of informed citizens, the Chongqing Morning News reporter rushed to the community yesterday afternoon.

The property management staff confirmed that Hu Zuoying, the head of one of the households, was the wife of Huang Yi Neng.

The reporter knocked on the door, but no one answered.

銆€銆€Subsequently, the reporter restarted Huang Yi Neng’s mobile phone again and still shut down.

The eldest son Huang Yili’s mobile phone could not be connected.

銆€銆€At four o’clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter finally contacted Huang Yi-neng’s wife Hu Zuoying. “We are now in Beijing.

“If you want to solve the problem, Huang Yili must come to Chongqing, and everyone will talk about things together.”

Hu Zuoying said, “We have an agreement with our eldest brother.

“A few years ago, when my mother was still alive, they had an agreement with the eldest brother in Chengdu. The two sons took care of the father and mother,” we are only responsible for taking care of the mother.

Hu told reporters that his mother had died in 2009, and during her mother’s illness, her eldest brother Huang Yili did not even call.

銆€銆€Yesterday, the staff of Yudong Street was also actively looking for the second son and daughter-in-law of the elderly, but the phone could not be reached. Since they had all retired, the unit did not know where they were going.

銆€銆€The Lawyer’s Statement “Even if the younger son signed the agreement, he still has to fulfill his obligation to support.” Blood relationship cannot be ruled out by agreement.
鈥?”Dong Hao, lawyer of Chongqing and Hualisheng Law Firm, said that any agreement to eliminate the obligation to support the elderly is ineffective.

This is clearly stated in the Marriage Law of the developing countries and in the General Principles of the Civil Law.

Abuse or abandonment of the elderly, if it causes serious consequences, is guilty of ill-treatment and abandonment, and should be sanctioned by relevant laws.