Seven Things Every Yoga Woman Does Not Forget

Seven Things Every Yoga Woman Does Not Forget

First, two cups of boiled water in the morning and evening are sufficient for health and beauty.

Especially women, their bodies are prematurely aging due to excessive dehydration, and their skin loses its luster due to “shrinkage”.

However, because women’s metabolism is slower than men’s, and their consumption is lower than men’s, women often drink less water than men, which causes both physical and skin problems.

  What a woman has to do is, at least a glass of boiling water, morning and evening.

A cup in the morning cleans the intermediates.

Replenish the water lost at night, and a cup at night can ensure that the blood is not too sticky due to lack of water overnight.

Viscous blood can cause hypoxia in the brain and the deposition of pigments, leading to aging ahead.

Therefore, the effect of drinking water every night cannot be underestimated.

  Second, a tomato Among fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the one with the highest vitamin C content, so at least one tomato per day is guaranteed to meet the vitamin C required for a day.

  Third, a cup of vinegar woman is still a bit “vinegar-like” is good.

Consumption of vinegar in three meals a day can delay the occurrence of atherosclerosis. It is already a common sense of health. For women, in addition to diet, add a bottle of vinegar to the dressing table, and apply one each time after washing hands.Layer the vinegar and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off to make the skin on your hands white and delicate.

If the tap water in your place of residence is hard, you can put a little vinegar in your face wash daily to achieve the effect of beauty.

  Four, a cup of yogurt From the perspective of calcium supplementation, women are the most vulnerable to calcium deficiency, and the calcium supplementation effect of milk causes any kind of food, especially yogurt, to be more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, women should guarantee a cup of yogurt every day.

  Fifth, a bottle of mineral water must be a veritable mineral water. The trace elements and minerals it contains are most needed by the skin.

Lie on your back after washing your face, soak a clean gauze with mineral water, and then lay it on a wooden board. After the gauze is dry, moisten it again. Repeatedly, this is equivalent to a supplement of trace elements on the skin.

  6, a bag of tea women must drink tea, if there is no problem with the stomach, green tea and oolong tea are the best.

Especially for women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective weight loss agent. Nothing can eliminate acetate fiber better than tea.

  Seven, a simple mask before going to bed every night, make a simple mask, its role is to eliminate the dirt deposited on the face, and make the skin a “tightening exercise”, and then apply skin care products, soIn order to get the most scientific repair of the skin at night.

  It should also be noted that women’s sleep time cannot be too late, especially after 11 pm, because from 10 pm to 5 am the next day is the best time for skin repair, and the repair in sleep is effective.

If you fall asleep longer than midnight, even if you get up late the next day and sleep longer, you have missed the best time for skin care.