Adjust your breathing to make your orgasm come soon

Adjust your breathing to make your orgasm come soon

Although women have to reach orgasm far more difficult than men, they can adjust their breathing to make people experience more beautiful sex.

  When the whole body relaxes, more blood will flow through the skin, making people sensitive to subtle touches and more likely to reach orgasm.

Experts at the Kinsey Institute suggest that you can adjust your breathing rhythm and enjoy sex by: gradually, relax yourself.

When the stomach muscles and pelvis are tense, breathing becomes difficult, blood is difficult to flow, and sensitive areas are not excited.

The right thing to do is to choose a comfortable sitting position and consciously relax each part.

  The second step is to lie flat on the bed and bend the legs.

Take a deep breath, hold for 4 seconds, slowly let the gas fill the lungs, then pass through the abdomen until it is fully bulged, then slowly spit out the air, then hold your breath for 4 seconds.

Do this several times in this way.

  The third step is to concentrate and feel the changes in sensitive parts.

Try to take a deep breath and intentionally let the pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles) get up and stay for a few seconds, feeling like you are urinating.

Remember to exhale when the PC muscles are tense, then hold your breath; breathe when the muscles relax.

Repeat this method 5 times.

  Experts also recommend a method that couples can practice at the same time.

The side bed is looking at the partner with deep affection. After two or three minutes, close your eyes and take a rest, then start to concentrate and breathe.

Pay attention to how your chest expands, how the abdomen moves up and down, and how the pelvis bends.

Open your eyes, contact your partner’s eyes, and watch your breath, just like watching yourself, watching the ups and downs of your chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Both sides must maintain eye contact from time to time.

Try to keep your breathing rate consistent with him/her, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an occasional beat.