[Milk powder steamed eggs]_ brain products _ how to make

[Milk powder steamed eggs]_ brain products _ how to make

This method of steamed egg custard with milk powder is relatively rare in life, mainly because the method of steaming egg custard with milk powder is more troublesome and requires more materials to prepare, which is why many people are unwilling to make it.

For milk powder steamed egg custard, the taste is relatively fresh and sweet, and the milk flavor is sufficient. It is recommended that you understand the method of making it. The specific method can refer to the content of the article.

First, steamed eggs with milk powder Ingredients: eggs?

4, 6 spoons of milk powder, 150-180 ml of warm water, sugar?

1 — 3 scoops.

Method: Put white sugar in the eggs and sprinkle.

Spread the eggs with milk powder and stir well. Stir in warm water.

Strain the strainer twice and steam it in the pot for 10-20 minutes.

Second, the pudding private room · custard A material: 2 eggs (one amount), 3 spoons of fine sugar, a spoonful of condensed milk, half a cup of milk, material B: a little gelatin (or 1, 2, QQ sugar orGummy candy, apple or mango flavor is recommended), 3 or 4 spoons of water: First, mix all the ingredients A and stir slowly, knowing that it will soon foam and even, (don’t foam!

) Mix material B, put them into the pot if QQ sugar, know that the sugar melts, keep stirring; after that, break it into half to remove the original mixture, the remaining half is not used, pour into a bowl or filmPut the fresh water in the container and add half of the steamed water to the bowl or film device. Wrap the bowl or film device with plastic wrap and steam until it solidifies. It will become ok if you add a little longer., Don’t be too early or too late, just let it warm for 3,4 minutes and eat it, or put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and eat it.

Third, coconut milk egg custard material: 2 eggs, 1 bottle of coconut juice, sugar.

Method: Break egg 2 into a small bowl, add a small amount of sugar, then pour a bowl of coconut juice, seal with plastic wrap, and pierce a few small holes with a toothpick and steam for 15 minutes.