Some Chinese medicine can help you prevent dental caries


Some Chinese medicine can help you prevent dental caries

Rickets is a common and frequent disease in life. From the four factors (host, microbe, diet and time) of caries, as long as any one of them is destroyed, caries can be prevented.

The long-term use of broad-spectrum antibacterial agents and chemical synthetic drugs can also destroy the oral ecological balance while removing oral pathogenic bacteria, while the use of traditional Chinese medicines with antibacterial effects is relatively safe and effective.

銆€銆€At present, the main Chinese medicines for dental caries diseases are as follows: 1.

Magnolia: It has the functions of warming, suffocating, dampness, and eliminating phlegm. It can not be used for attending food, sputum, cough, cold, dampness, diarrhea, toxicity, and inhibition of the main cariogenic bacteria.


Galla Chinensis: Alias Wenyu, Mu Fuzi, attending lung deficiency and chronic cough, long-term diarrhea, night sweats, thirst, blood in the stool, swollen sores, skin wet and non-toxic, gallnut has a good effect of inhibiting the prion-promoting factor.


Tea polyphenols: It is the main component in tea, especially the polyphenolic compounds extracted from green tea. It has the functions of anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals, and has the advantages of broad-spectrum and strong antibacterial effect and low drug concentration.

銆€銆€Compared with sodium fluoride, green tea polyphenols are stronger than sodium fluoride. Currently, tea polyphenols have been widely used in toothpaste at home and abroad.


Propolis: The viscous secretions of the worker bees in the process of nesting honey are mixed with the gums in the plant, resin and beeswax. They have the ability to inhibit the streptococci and have anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration.