Dragon fruit has many therapeutic effects

Dragon fruit has many therapeutic effects

Dragon fruit diet is very effective.

  Dragon fruit causes plant albumin that is full of vegetables and fruits. Many people know that heavy metals (mainly five types of lead, cadmium, mercury, impurities, and chromium) are harmful to health. Most children’s lead content has exceeded the standard, and dragon fruit containsWhen this kind of active albumin encounters heavy metal ions in the human body, it will quickly wrap it up, avoid absorption and absorption, and replace the body through the excretory system, thereby detoxifying, and it will also protect albumin against the stomach wall.

  Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, which has a good effect on whitening and whitening the skin, and the concentrated fiber content in the pulp is also very rich. This type of fiber absorbs water and swells 10-15 times.The shortened residence time in the stomach makes the dieter lose weight and prolong satiety without causing fever and intolerance, and has a good weight loss effect.

  The black grains in pitaya fruit pulp contain various enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help digestion and peristalsis, achieve intestinal moisturizing effect, and have an adjuvant treatment effect on constipation.

  In addition, the peel of pitaya contains a very precious nutrient-anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant and enhances immunity. It can maintain activity in human blood for 75 hours, which is more than 10 times stronger than carotene.Antioxidant capacity.

It is transported to the whole body through the blood to play an antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-aging, and inhibit Alzheimer’s disease.

  The skin of dragon fruit does not contain organic acids and tannins, so it will not be as astringent as the average fruit skin, and the texture is acceptable because of the meat quality.

When eating dragon fruit, you can use a knife to scrape the inner purple peel-they can be eaten raw, cold or put in soup.

It is a pity to waste dragon skin by eating dragon fruit.

  In addition, the flesh of dragon fruit contains almost no fructose and sucrose, and sugar is mainly glucose. This natural glucose is easy to absorb and suitable for eating after exercise.

However, the unsweetened glucose of pitaya causes everyone to mistakenly believe that it is a low-sugar fruit. In fact, the pitaya has a higher sugar content than imagined. It should be noted that people with diabetes should not eat more.

  Dragon fruit can detoxify and improve the beauty of the human body, improve the immune function of the human body.

  Tips: It is recommended to consume dragon fruit before meals, so as to exert the protective effect of dragon fruit colloid on the stomach wall.