[Eat hotpot at night to check if there is any effect on blood sugar]_ 涮 火锅 _ Asynchronous

[Eat hotpot at night to check if there is any effect on blood sugar]_ 涮 火锅 _ Asynchronous

If the blood sugar is high, it will develop into diabetes. This disease is currently not completely eradicated and will soon threaten the lives of patients. Every year, some people die from diabetes, so in order to prevent the disease,You don’t have to control your blood sugar, but you also need to check your blood sugar frequently. So, if you eat hot pot at night, check the blood sugar the next day?

First, if eating hotpot in the evening and checking blood sugar the next day has any effect?

When testing blood glucose before a meal, the doctor will prescribe the patient to check the blood on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Some patients are afraid that eating will affect the test results. Even before the blood was drawn, they did not dare to eat and waited for the test.

In fact, this will affect the inspection results.

The impact of mortality on diabetic patients is particularly obvious, because as long as starvation occurs, hypoglycemia shock, cold sweat, and even fainting, in the end, injection or oral glucose rescue can be used to escape the danger.

Even without shock, because the fasting time is too long, the blood glucose test results are very low, and it is easy to be mistaken for good blood glucose control.

Second, some patients with diabetes are extremely sensitive to their own blood glucose regulation. As they age, they will immediately mobilize glycogen in the body for urgent needs.

At this point, their blood sugar levels will be much higher than usual, which will mislead the doctor and add trouble to the treatment.

Therefore, patients with diabetes must eat dinner the day before fasting blood glucose is tested.

Check the blood sugar the next day after eating hot pot the next day?

Factors affecting blood glucose and lipid testing: drinking.

Plasma lactic acid, urate, hexanal, and acetate increase after drinking.

Long-term drinkers have high HDL cholesterol, an increase in average red blood cell volume, and glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) is also higher than those who do not drink alcohol. It can even be used as a screening test for alcoholics.


People with a high smoking addiction may have a blood carbon monoxide hemoglobin content of up to 8%, while the smoker content is below 1%.

In addition, catecholamines and cortisone were more common in non-smokers.

There are also changes in hematology, with an increase in the number of white blood cells, a decrease in eosinophils, an increase in neutrophils and monocytes, a higher hemoglobin, and a higher average red blood cell volume.


The impact of drugs on testing is very complex, 1.

More than 50,000 drugs interfere with the test.

In the end, anti-tuberculosis drugs, antibiotics, anti-leukemia preparations, and sulfa drugs have various effects on liver function, and even a few tablets of commonly used drugs may cause serious drug reactions.

Therefore, it is the best policy to suspend all kinds of drugs before sampling. If it is uninterruptible, you should understand the possible impact on the test results.