Tomato potato soup helps to lose weight

Tomato potato soup helps to lose weight

[Introduction]Cooking a simple rolling soup and wanting a strong flavor, try tomatoes.

Stir-fry the tomato to make the juice, scent out, and then pour in the water to boil. Then you can put some slices of meat. It’s also good to have an egg flower.

  I tasted this tomato and potato soup today. The ingredients are very simple, but the nutrition is very good, as well as the beauty slimming effect.

  Seasoning: Oil: 1 tablespoon, chicken powder: 1/2 teaspoon, salt: moderate, 3?
For 4 people: 1.

Wash the tomatoes and cut 6 petals each; 2.

2. Wash and peel potatoes, cut into thin slices; 3.

Wash the green onions and cut them into green onions; 4.

Put a tablespoon of oil in a hot pan. When the oil is 60% hot, add tomato juice and stir-fry until the flavor is strong. Pour 4 bowls of water to boil, add potatoes, and cook for 8?
10 minutes until cooked through, stir in salt and chicken flour, sprinkle onion.

  Efficacy: weight loss, beauty, and delay aging.

  ● Fresh soup and sweet potato flakes are thinly sliced and easy to cook.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall potatoes Cantonese like to call potatoes “potato”, but it is not “potato” at all (in Cantonese, it is stupid, old-fashioned), it ranks in the world with rice, wheat, etc. 5One of the big agricultural products with high nutritional value is called “perfect food”.

There is a saying that people only rely on potatoes and whole milk to maintain their lives and health, because the nutritional content of potatoes is very comprehensive, and the nutritional structure is more reasonable, but the amount of protein, calcium and vitamin A is slightly lower; and this just uses the wholeFat milk to supplement.

From the concept of medicinal value, Chinese medicine believes that potatoes have the effect of reconciling the stomach, strengthening qi and spleen, strengthening the kidneys, anti-inflammatory, activating blood, swelling and other effects. Little sweet potatoes are really not easy!

  For ladies who love beauty, potatoes also have a very good skin care effect. Germans have long liked to dip the surface of steamed potato juice with a sponge to fade the skin that has been tanned.

The daily use of raw potato flakes for 20 minutes can be used to reduce the swelling of the lower eyelids, and it can also be used for facial swelling. It can also stretch the facial skin, eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles, and make the entire face smooth and tender.

  There are many varieties of potatoes, which are different in different parts of the world. Our common one is Chinese yellow-skinned potatoes. It has yellow-skinned white meat, high starch content, and moisture. The entrance is tender and easy to cook.

The classic home-style diet includes shredded potato with vinegar, potato ribs, roast beef with potatoes, and so on.

The curry condiment of Southeast Asian flavor, which has become popular in the past, is indispensable for potatoes. Because of its simple cooking, it is now also loved by many families.

  Let ‘s take a look at two more western-style potato dishes: 2 butter potatoes, 2 potatoes, 30 grams butter, 20 grams butter, cheese, salt, sugar, shallot, olive oil, milk, eggs, baconAll aspects are broken.

Peel the potatoes and cut into large pieces for 4 minutes in the oven (high fire), then add the cream and mix well with a spoon; slightly cool and put them into the food bag and crush them by hand (you don’t need to press them completely, so they have the taste of potatoes), Put into the container and beat with eggs, a small amount of milk, salt and sugar to taste; heat the pan with butter and olive oil, add the red onion head and sauté the potatoes to the stir-fry, mix with the bacon, and place in a small pan; Then sprinkle the cheese pieces, preheat the oven at 170 degrees for 5 minutes, and finally put the prepared potatoes in the oven, 170 degrees and 10 minutes (see the cheese turns yellow) Serve.

  Potato salad 1 potato, 1 egg, 50 g salad dressing, moderate salt, 1 small segment of cucumber, 1 small tomato (for decoration).

Wash the potatoes and add water to cook them. Use chopsticks to penetrate them. Remove them and peel them. Put them in a bowl and grind them into mashed potatoes. Add an appropriate amount of water and mix well.Cook in boiling water, remove into cold water, then remove the shells. Add the yolks to the mashed potatoes and crush them. Cut the egg white into small pieces. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and cut into small pieces.Half for decoration) Add to the salad bowl and mix well with mashed potatoes, season with an appropriate amount of salt; put the potato salad in a bowl and buckle into a ball; squeeze the remaining salad dressing over the potato salad to decorate, sprinkle someThe sesame and seaweed are crushed and decorated with cucumber slices and small tomatoes.