Food therapy for hemorrhoids

Food therapy for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, called “hemorrhoids” in medicine, are a very common disease.

There is a narrative of “ten people, nine hemorrhoids” in the folk.

The modern concept of hemorrhoids is a normal anal pad above the anal canal.

The pathological hypertrophy of the anal pad is called hemorrhoid disease, commonly known as “hemorrhoids”.

Hemorrhoids are a benign deformity and generally do not become cancerous.

The prevalence of hemorrhoids is mostly adult, mainly related to sedentary, sedentary, less active, constipation, diarrhea, excessive defecation time, drinking, spicy hobby, etc. Patients should usually eat spicy food, do not drink, eat moreVegetables and fruits containing cellulose, keep your stools open.

  Patients with hemorrhoids should eat clams that are cold and taste salty.

“Ben Cao Yuan” said: “Clams cure five hemorrhoids.

“Clam meat can moisturize the internal organs and become soft and swollen.

Hemorrhoids should be cooked regularly with clam meat.


hzh {display: none; }  泥 鳅 补中气,祛湿邪,既营养,又疗痔,久痔体虚、气虚脱肛者宜常食之。Loach meat “warm and nourish qi, detoxify and collect hemorrhoids.

“People use boiled bonito with rice noodles to treat hemorrhoid prolapse, which can suppress the effect of” adjusting and collecting hemorrhoids. ”

  The pig’s large intestine is suitable for those who have hemorrhoids and prolapse.

The ancient cure for hemorrhoids was also commonly used in the pig’s large intestine.

For example, the pig’s viscera pill in “Qiao Xiao Liang Fang”, “treating blood under the hemorrhoid sac,” is made by smashing and pounding the pig’s large intestine with locust flower.

The “Lianhuo Pill” in Lianhuo Pill, which is used to treat internal hemorrhoids, is also made from the pig’s large intestine, Coptis chinensis, and glutinous rice.

  Dog meat is a tonic food that has the effect of replenishing and improving qi. “Ben Jing Feng Yuan” said: “Dog meat, Xuan Yuan Xuren, the most suitable food, hemorrhoids leaked over time, and the eclipse hangs itself.
“” Shi Yi De Xiao Fang “also introduced:” Treatment of hemorrhoids: cooked dog meat dipped in blue juice, hollow food.

“Everyone who suffers from hemorrhoids should eat it regularly.

  Persimmons are cold, sweet and astringent, can clear heat, moisturize the lungs, astringent intestines, and stop bleeding. It is especially suitable for those who have hemorrhoids bleeding.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “White persimmon cures bleeding from hemorrhoids.

“For those who have hemorrhoids, bleeding from the anus, and dry stools, folks use the right amount of persimmons. After steaming, eat one at each meal or add water to boil it for snacks, twice a day.

Persimmon cream is also beneficial for hemorrhoid patients.

“Her Materia Medica” also records, saying: “Persimmon cream cures intestinal wind and hemorrhoid leakage.

“Therefore, persimmon cream is suitable for hemorrhoid bleeding.

  Bananas are cold, sweet, and have the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the intestines, and detoxifying, especially when the stool of the hemorrhoid patient is dry or bleeding.

“Lingnan Collection of Medicine” said: “Treatment of hemorrhoids and blood in the stool: 2 bananas, not peeled, cooked, even eaten with skin.

“For hemorrhoids bleeding and dry stool, the most commonly used and most convenient way is to eat bananas on an empty stomach every morning?

  Leeks have the effect of qi and blood.

Modern believes that leek contains crude fiber smash, and it is relatively tough and difficult to be digested and absorbed. It can increase stool volume, promote large bowel movement, and prevent constipation, so it is beneficial for hemorrhoids and constipation.

  Eggplant is cool in nature and sweet in taste, and has the functions of clearing heat, activating blood, relieving pain and swelling.

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” records: “Eggplant scattered blood, swelling and widened intestines, burned ash rice soup drink, cure blood under the bowel wind and hemorrhoids.

“The” Shengji General Records “also introduced” Eggplant Wine “, which is called” Cure for a long time suffering from intestinal wind and diarrhea. ”

The so-called “blood and blood hemorrhoids under intestinal wind” are equivalent to those who have hemorrhoids bleeding, so those who inject hemorrhoids should also eat it.

  Spinach is cool, sweet, and has the functions of nourishing, stopping bleeding, moistening, smoothing intestines, and laxative.
According to the “Bencao seeking truth”: “Spinach, He Shu said that it can help the stomach and intestines, while the cover is slippery, the spine is smooth, and the spinach is slippery and beneficial. The mortal can’t pass the stool and the hemorrhoids are leaky and closed.
“Sui Xi Ju Dietary Profile” also said: “Spinach, open chest chest, open stomach, moisturize and promote blood circulation, stool astringency and hemorrhoids should eat it.

“Loofah is cold, sweet and can clear heat and cool blood, suitable for people with hemorrhoid bleeding.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Boil food to remove heat and intestines, treat blood in the stool, hemorrhoids .” Especially for patients with hemorrhoids who are hot and humid, or have hot blood, it is most suitable.

  Black fungus is flat and sweet, can cool blood and stop bleeding, and can treat blood stasis, blood in the stool, and hemorrhoids.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains black fungus for treating hemorrhoids.

“Medicinal use” believes that black fungus can “moisturize the intestines.”

Wang Mingying, a famous dietetic doctor in the Qing Dynasty, also said, “The black fungus nourishes qi, resists hunger, activates blood, and cures injuries.

Where the collapse bleeding, blood stasis, hemorrhoids suffering from intestinal wind, regular food can be choked.

“Especially those who are physically weak and prolonged hemorrhoids, it is better to eat often.

  The fat sea is cold and sweet, and has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, soothing throat, and detoxifying. Those with hemorrhoids and blood in the stool should drink tea with fat sea frequently.

“Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” records: fat sea “to cure hemorrhoid leakage.

“In the Spring and Autumn Period of the Medical World”, it was also introduced: “Treatment of stool bleeding: a few fat seas, blistering hair, removing the core, adding sugar to adjust the service.

“Heshouwu has the effect of nourishing liver, nourishing kidney, nourishing blood and expelling wind.

“Jiangxi Herbal Medicine” believes that Shouwu can “laxative and relieve sore.”

“Shouwu has been treating hemorrhoids since ancient times.

“He Shou Wu Lu” said: “The main five hemorrhoids are good for strength.

“Kai Bao Materia Medica” also said: “The main palate, eliminate bloated, treat five hemorrhoids.

“Sheng Hui Fang” introduces a method for treating hemorrhoids: “To cure large intestine wind poisoning, diarrhea and more than: Heshouwu two or two, pound Xiluo as scattered, every time before eating, use warm porridge drink to transfer money.

“For patients with physically weak and long-lasting hemorrhoids, Ho Shou Wu Fen is often used for serving.

  It also restores the fish’s calmness and sweetness, and has the function of nourishing the spleen and invigorating the qi, and the Qing Dynasty food doctor Wang Mengying also said in the “Suishuiju Dietary Spectrum”: “Fish carp Ganping, appetizers, qi, and hemorrhoids.

“It also said:” Hemorrhoids, catfish are often eaten as food.

“Food Chinese Medicine and Recipes” also introduces: blood from intestinal winds: 1 big catfish, intestinal retention scales, gallic seeds, 6 grams of ground powder for Ming staff, filled with fish belly, yellow mud sealed and stored,At the end of the study, the rice wine was delivered 3 times a day, 3 grams each time.

  Laver is rich in carotene, vitamins, calcium, potassium, and iron, which can promote gastrointestinal movement.

  Red adzuki beans and Chinese angelica decoction can treat hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, swelling and pain.

Frying porridge alone or with rice also has a good effect and is an excellent food for hemorrhoids.

  Cheese hemp contains a lot of amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals, which can promote bowel movements.

For patients with hemorrhoids and constipation, it can be taken for a long time, which has the effect of intestinal laxative, relieve hemorrhoid bleeding, and prevent anal prolapse.

  Walnut meat can moisturize the bowels and relieve deficiency, relieve hemorrhoids and blood in the stool.

  The bamboo shoots are rich in cellulose, which can be used for patients with hemorrhoids to have bowel and laxative effects.

  The effect of honey on hemorrhoids can be benefited by bowel and laxative effects.

  In addition, patients with hemorrhoids should also consume cypress, yam, agaric, sweet potatoes, coriander, carrot, cucumber, winter melon, amaranth, celery, lily, coriander, persimmon, persimmon, sea cucumber, field snail, pumpkin seed, pear, apple, strawberry, Kiwi, white fungus, milk, soy milk, bird’s nest, American ginseng, etc.

  Hemorrhoids are forbidden to eat spicy and irritating foods: spicy, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, mustard, ginger, etc., can stimulate local rectal blood vessels to fill, causing tingling and bloating sensation during defecation, thereby inducing hemorrhoids.

  Avoid drinking: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hemorrhoids are mostly hot and humid. Drinking alcohol can help them to be hot and humid, and alcohol (especially hard alcohol) can cause retinal vein congestion and induce or aggravate hemorrhoids.

  Don’t eat fat and thick taste, roasted food: These foods can stimulate the mucosal skin of rectal cancer, make congestion obvious, and cause hemorrhoids.

  Difficult to digest, hard food: Difficult to digest food can cause constipation, which can cause varicose veins.

  Avoid foods with strong flavors and spices: it is easy to make it unsuitable, and at the same time, the liver will be congested, and the pressure in the lower abdominal cavity will increase, which can cause hemorrhoids or worsen hemorrhoids.

  Avoid fruits of impotence: such as mango, durian, litchi, longan and so on.

  Hemorrhoid diet side 1 5 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of persimmon, soak black fungus, cut the persimmon, and boil with water, 1?
2 times, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, removing blood stasis and hemostatic effect, suitable for hemorrhoid bleeding.

  2 beef spleens, previously 100 grams of rice, 150 grams of beef spleen each time, finely cut, and rice porridge, eat fasting, can strengthen the spleen and eliminate product, suitable for spleen deficiency, food stagnation, and treat hemorrhoids under the blood.

  3 figs (dry) 100 grams, 200 grams of lean pork, add an appropriate amount of water, put in a casserole, simmer in water, and season. Just take it twice a day to nourish the stomach and intestines, clear heat and detoxify, suitable for hemorrhoidsAnd chronic enteritis.
  4 250 grams of loofah, 200 grams of lean pork, cut the loofah into slices, slice the lean pork, add water to make a soup, 2?
3 times, seasoned with salt, served with meals, clearing heat and intestines, relieving heat and removing irritations, suitable for early hemorrhoids of internal hemorrhoids.

  5 fish belly 25?
50 grams, 50 grams of white sugar, add a small amount of water, stew it in the same casserole, and take it once a day for continuous use. It is suitable for hemorrhoids.

  6 250 grams of red dates, 50 grams of brown sugar.

Sauté the red dates, add them to the pan with brown sugar, cook, eat dates and soup, take 1 dose daily, and eat 3 times. 15 days is a course of treatment.

  7 荸荠 500 grams, 90 grams of brown sugar.

A total of 3 servings of Thornton served once daily.

It is also possible to take 120 grams of raw salamander, which is mainly used for hemorrhoid bleeding when eaten once a day.

  8 bananas, eat on an empty stomach every morning.

Suitable for hemorrhoid bleeding.
  痔疮患者最佳食谱  早餐的菜谱  [菜 名] 香蕉粥  [用 料] 香蕉250克,大米50克,水适量。  [制 法] 香蕉扒皮,同大米一同放入锅中,加水适量,煮成粥。Take morning and evening daily.

If treating constipation, add some sesame oil to the porridge.

  [功 用] 清热,解毒,润肠。  [Applicable symptoms]Suitable for hemorrhoid bleeding, constipation, fever and other symptoms.

  午餐的菜谱  [菜 名] 无花果炖猪蹄  [用 料] 无花果100克,树地瓜(属桑科破裂叶榕)根100克,金针花根12~24克,奶浆藤100克、猪前蹄膀2 (weighing about 4,000 grams), ginger, shallot, wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sugar.

  [Manufacturing method 1, tree sweet potato root, golden needle flower root, milk vine washing, sliced and stacked gauze bag, tighten the bag mouth; figs washed and cut; pig trotters removed the pile, washed, and cut with a knifeAdd the water to the aluminum pan together (soak in the trotters).

  2. Wash and slice the ginger, and wash and slice the onions.

Put together with Shao wine, salt, and sugar into an aluminum pan.

  3. Boil the aluminum pot on the Wuhuo, skim off the floating foam, and stew the pork trotters with simmering heat until cooked.

  4, remove the gauze medicine bag, add MSG, adjust the taste and serve.

  [Function]This dish has Jianwei Qingchang, swelling and detoxification, and expelling wind.

  [适用症] 可防治肠炎、痢疾、便秘、痔疮、风湿麻木、筋胃疼痛等症。  The dinner recipe is the same as the breakfast recipe.