Spleen Qi to Heart

Spleen Qi to Heart

I have a patient who is a retired army cadre. He has a quick temper and a bad temper. When he was recently arguing with his child about a small matter, he suddenly found belching and chest tightness. He was escorted to the hospital by his family.He was saved after being rescued.

He was aggrieved, his body was always tough, his blood pressure was only a little higher, his blood lipids and blood sugar were normal, how could he get this disease?

In fact, his irritable temper has caused damage to his heart.

  Great mood swings have a great impact on cardiovascular.

Generally, we call this type of person who is easily angry and irritable.

People in this mode are usually characterized by strong personality, excessive ambition, strong sense of competition, stubbornness, good argument, provocative speaking, impatience, good impulse, speaking loudly, doing things fast, walking fast, speaking fast, totalIt’s rushed, aggressive and so on.

  Foreign studies have found that people with type A personality are prone to heart damage and suffer from arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases due to emotional effects.

In the International Society of Cardiopulmonary and Hematological Diseases, type A personality has also been identified as an important risk factor for coronary heart disease.

In other words: coronary heart disease is closely related to what we usually call “acute.”

Therefore, it is recommended that it is easier to be emotionally excited. People who are very angry should learn to adjust their emotions and control their mentality. This is an important way to protect the heart.

  Irritable people can reduce the incidence of hypertension by restraining bad temper early.

Although temperament or personality is relatively stable, it is not impossible to change.

With the increase of age and social experience and life experience, it will change to a certain degree.

  A grumpy person should start with small things in daily life, consciously temper his patience, and gradually change his character with his behavior.

  First of all, when you want to get angry, take a deep breath first, count one, two or three, and calm yourself down.

  In fact, you can continue to give yourself psychological hints, such as “I want to think again, don’t act recklessly.”

This constant meditation in your heart will also make you calm.

  Also, learn to let go.

People with type A personality have a strong desire to control, and they want to manage everything.

  Finally, usually cultivate more hobbies.

Tempering temperament through fishing, calligraphy, painting, etc. can also make people overcome patience.