Massage makes you sleep every night

Massage makes you sleep every night

Insomnia is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people. It is generally manifested as difficulty in falling asleep, awakening easily, unable to fall asleep after waking, and insomnia in severe cases.

Relevant data show that more than 45% of the elderly (senile food) have been suffering from insomnia to varying degrees.

Once insomnia, often seek the help of a doctor, oral sleeping pills, over time, easily cause drug complications.

A variety of non-drug self-therapy is now available for selection: 1.

Stomach rubbing belly before going to bed every night, lying on the back, intending to protect Dan Tian (belly button), rub the abdomen with the right hand in a clockwise direction around the rope, rubbing the abdomen with meditation, counting 120 times, and then using your left hand counterclockwiseThe same direction rubs around the umbilicus 120 times.

The author has persisted for more than 20 years and has a good effect on entering deep sleep in the middle of the night.

If you can’t fall asleep again in the middle of the night, you can rub your abdomen 60 times according to the above method, which also has a certain effect on sleep (sleep food).

  Because rubbing the abdomen can cause gastrointestinal motility, especially in older people, the digestive (digestive food) function is weakened, and the gas in the inhalation tract will multiply, often inflating the large intestine.

Once the abdomen is rubbed, the large intestine is stimulated, the gas is squeezed out and fart appears, and it is easy to sleep peacefully; if you do not rub the abdomen, the fart cannot be released, and the large intestine swells, which affects falling asleep.


500g mung bean massage for step beans, stir-fry in an iron (iron food) pot, heat into the washbasin, wash and dry your feet at the same time, use the mung bean temperature in the basin, and tap the mung beans with your feet.Step on and rub.

Start stomping 1 hour before bedtime every 30 minutes or so.


Tap and wash Yongquan Point every night before going to bed, sit on the bed, and slap the left foot with Yongquan 120 times with your right palm, and then tap the right foot with 120 times, with each left palm.Pain is better.

You can get rid of insomnia and sleep peacefully.