Celebrity Health – Jiao Huang Health insists on doing four love


Celebrity Health: Jiao Huang Health insists on four loves

From the artist’s 40 years, Jiao Huang has shaped nearly 100 stage and film and television drama images. Because of his outstanding talents in drama performance, he is also known as the “North in South Jiao” in the drama industry and Beijing actor.

銆€銆€Love to play Tai Chi.

Absolutely at home to rest, or to film in the field, as long as there is a gap, he always has to put 1 or 2 sets of Tai Chi.

He said: Tai Chi is a gentle exercise. For a long time, it insists on exercising another person’s waist, alignment and limbs, and can regulate the body’s blood circulation, enhance immunity, and achieve physical fitness.

Now I am 70 years old and my body is OK. It is not unrelated to long-term tai chi.

銆€銆€Love to eat flowers and plants.

Jiao Huang planted too many flowers and plants in front of his house. As long as he was free, he was busy watering, loosening soil, controlling insects, pruning and other activities.

He said: I often play with flowers and plants, I can always breathe fresh oxygen, seeing all the green, it makes people feel refreshed and feels so beautiful.

銆€銆€Love to rest.

Jiao Huang is very quiet, sometimes sitting alone in the study for more than an hour, letting himself separate the hustle and bustle of the entertainment circle.

Sometimes he returns to his bedroom after the play, and he will lie on his bed for half an hour with his eyes closed.

He called this kind of rest and rest as a positive rest, which made people’s mind and body distract from the cumbersome thoughts, and the blood and blood could be well combed and adjusted.

銆€銆€Love is simple.

The simpler the life, the better. This is a sentence that Jiao Yao often said.

There was a strike. He had been alone for more than ten years, cooking and washing. He did it himself.

Sometimes I am filming outside, I don’t pay much attention to life, and the food is delicious.

He believes that if life is too stressful, it is necessary to worry about it. If you want to worry about it, there is no burden in the spirit. This is definitely beneficial to health.