Seven things every day to build a healthy body

Seven things every day to build a healthy body

By doing 7 things a day, it is possible to maintain a healthy body.

Most human diseases are caused by lifestyle habits and poor diet.

There are 7 things you need to do to stay healthy every day.

  First, go to bed with the lights off from 21:00 to 23:00.

A person has five sleep peaks in a day.

The first peak is at 23:00.

After you miss it, you can only fall asleep at the second peak-2 am, and more importantly, when the peak of sleep comes, the immune system has the best ability to repair itself.

If you cannot fall asleep before 23:00, it will easily lead to a decline in immunity and cause disease.

  Second, in the morning, walk barefoot on straw or yellow soil for 15 to 30 minutes.

People come into contact with a large number of electrical appliances every day, and electromagnetic waves are introduced into the body.

Walking barefoot or wearing straw shoes, electromagnetic waves can be discharged from the body by replacing the human foot.

  Third, manually rub the thymus gland 200 times a day.

The thymus is about four fingers wide below the depression between the subclavian clavicle.

Using hollow fists to rub the body back and forth on both sides of the thymus can enhance immunity.

  Fourth, three meals a day, do not eat meat, eggs, and milk containing genetically modified or catalyst ingredients.

The recipe should contain fruits, vegetables, and grains, of which sweet potatoes are the best food.

  Fifth, drink 3,000 ml of water a day to detoxify and clear the intestines.

It is worth noting that do not place pure water.

  Sixth, take away all pessimistic negative thoughts, do not say negative, alternative words.

  Finally, I often express gratitude to people with gratitude.