Dealing with Stone Junction Herbal Meal!

Dealing with Stone Junction Herbal Meal!

Stones are caused by the imbalance of colloid and crystal metabolism in the body, and are related to infection, nutritional metabolism disorders, foreign bodies in the urinary system, urinary stasis, and geographical climate.

  ● Herbal Tea ① Stone Reed Mallow Tea Stone Reed 30g, Mallow 30g, Moneygrass 30g, Shuijianbi, can stone.

  ② Corn beard tea, corn beard 50g, psyllium seed 20g, raw licorice 10g, add 500ml of water to fry to 400ml, remove dregs and take 3 times a day to warm.

  ③ sunflower heart tea sunflower stem 100 cm, cut into 3 cm long pieces, decoction, 1 dose per day, even for 1 month.

Treatment of stones with gonorrhea.

  ● Health medicated diet ① 500g of winter melon soup, 1000g of winter melon, washed and sliced, add water to cook soup.

Finish the day.

  ② Rock sugar walnut kernel rock sugar 120 grams, fragrant fried walnut kernel 120 grams, a total of fine research, 60 grams each time, 4 times a day, boiled water can soften the stones.

  ③ Red bean porridge has rice, 50 grams each of red beans, 20 grams of ground chicken powder.

Earlier rice, add red beans and boiled porridge, stir in golden chicken powder when cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Consume 2 times a day.

  ④ 30 pieces of fish brain stone in the head of yellow brain fish powder, ground into fines, divided into 10 equal parts, delivered with water, 1 serving each time, 3 times daily

  ⑤ Wumei Taoren Wumei, or raw walnut kernels 100 grams per day, drink plenty of water, it has an effect on phosphate stones.