[How to make tender tofu]_ tender tofu _ practice _ production method

[How to make tender tofu]_ tender tofu _ practice _ production method

The texture of tofu has always been favored by many people, but for the practice of tender tofu, there are a lot of methods and steps. In fact, if the production of tender tofu is more meaningful, then the details of the introduction must be introduced.To understanding.


Selection of soybeans.

Because the seed coat of soybean contains soluble tincture pigment, which directly affects the color of tender tofu, so instead of yellow soybeans with neat and full grains, the seed coat is removed and processed, so the color is first obtainedGuarantee.

The first is to use green soybeans, two-color (star purple) soybeans.

There are other colors of seed coats that are not used.



The quality of soy sauce directly affects the quality of tender tofu.

Soybeans must be drained and soaked.

Various soybeans have different water absorption during soaking, different expansion speeds, and different temperatures and water temperatures in the winter season. Therefore, the soaking time and soaking requirements of soybeans in each season are equal3.

Prepare soy milk.

(1) The soybeans are crushed into a paste.

It has a thick paste and low protein extraction.

The paste is too fine, and the finely-fed bean dregs are not filtered out and mixed in the soybean milk.

These will reduce the quality of the finished product.

Generally grind at 70?
80 mesh is appropriate.

The perforation of the filter silk or nylon skirt bag is 140?
150 mesh is better.


The coagulation operation jujube flushes.

Nanjing tender tofu has such characteristics. The main key is to use the method of pulping. The solidification effect is good and the quality is guaranteed.

The relationship has the following five aspects: (1) the coagulant jujube gypsum solution must be made.

Mix the gypsum powder with a small amount of raw soy milk evenly. It must be dry, not thin. Use a hammer in the mortar to stick and cook. It usually takes an hour.

Stirring and hammering should be fast and important, slowing down the swelling of the plaster and affecting the setting effect.

After the gypsum is applied, the water is reduced, and the coarse particles are removed at a concentration of 8%.

Gypsum replaces the white transparent fibrous gypsum, the solidified matter of the soy milk is very scratchy, tendon, and the binding force is strong.

Other types of plaster are less effective than it is.

5. The standing time must be guaranteed to be about 30 minutes, otherwise, the previous work will be abandoned.

Because, despite the initial coagulation of soybean milk, the denaturation and connection of the protein is still in progress, and the tissue structure is still being formed. It must be re-established before the coagulation can be completed and the structure can be stabilized.

Don’t dehydrate tender tofu, so it takes longer to stand. The reason is here.

The standing time is short, the structure is fragile, the dehydration is fast, and the tender tofu is not tender and bright without retaining water, but it becomes thick and hard.

After standing for a long time, the temperature of the coagulum is reduced, the binding force is poor, and the dehydration is not carried out. The tender tofu is too tender and fragile, the shape is degraded, and it is fragile and cannot be broken into pieces.