Humble is the first lesson in life


Humble is the first lesson in life

Flowers and applause have always been the things that young people are chasing all the time. Zhou Xingchi, who has been a chef in a tea house and a worker in an electronics factory, is no exception.

However, the distance between reality and dreams is always far away. The first work of Stephen Chow is the chores of the film crew, and there is no chance to participate in the performance.

銆€銆€Three years later, Stephen Chow began to play small characters with only a few lines or no lines at all.

If you watch the TV series “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” carefully today, you will find his shadow in it: an unnamed guard who only flashed for a few seconds on the screen, and finally ended his hasty appearance with death.

銆€銆€However, there is no director who looks at the thin and thin alternatives of Zhou Xingchi. In the loss, he switched to a children’s show host, and it was four years.

He has won the children’s love in a unique style.

However, at that time, a reporter wrote a report that “Zhou Xingchi is only suitable for children’s show host”. Ironically, he only made faces and jumped, and there was no talent for filming.

This report deeply stimulated Stephen Chow. He posted the report on the wall and reminded and encouraged himself to play a decent movie.

銆€銆€In 1987, he really participated in the first episode of “The Journey of Life”. Although he still ran a dragon, he finally had a space to fly.

Since then, he began to use his humble and kindness of a small person to interpret his life legend.

銆€銆€After experiencing the most intense struggles, after shooting more than 50 comedy works, Stephen Chow became the king of comedy in the public mind.

銆€銆€In CCTV’s interview program, Zhou Xingchi recalled the journey he had taken without self-deprecating: “Some people say that my most bitter experience is to play a soldier who was killed in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, but I remember that this does not seem to beAnd there are smaller characters.

At that time, the lens only photographed my hat and the back of the head.

That feeling is very important to me, because it makes me feel unforgettable about the little people.

“If you don’t have a life, you can be a big star, and no one can start working and can get what he wants.”

I have finally tasted the bitterness of the world and finally stood on the peak of my dream stage. Zhou Xingchi used his experience to tell us that humbleness is the first lesson in life. Only when you have a good class, can you organically make your life shine.

For college graduates, he is a good textbook.