Traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight

Different from the etiology treatment of weight loss western medicine, the formula principle of weight loss Chinese medicine is based on the results of eight syndromes.

As can be seen from the foregoing, there are many types of classification results, and the obtained prescriptions are more, and there are many new prescriptions that are alternately and continuously distributed. According to incomplete statistics, there are no fewer than ten kinds.

There are four main dosage forms: prescription (decoction), Zhongcheng pills, granules (medicine), powder (dispersion).

  Traditional formulas, such as “Fengfeng Tongsheng” from “Xuanming Theory”, have the functions of attacking, solving the table, clearing heat, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and are effective for patients with yin deficiency, heat, stomach and heat resistance.

From the “Golden lack of essentials” of “anti-Huang Huang Tang”, “Ze Xia Tang”, is beneficial to the function of water swelling, suitable for patients with spleen deficiency and dampness.

From the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “Da Chai Hu Tang”, “Da Cheng Qi Tang”, has the function of attacking and diarrhea, and the heat of the intestines can be used for patients with liver qi stagnation.

There are also “Gui Gui Shu Gan Tang”, “Walnut Chengqi Field”, “Jiuwei Banxia Soup”, “Guizhi Pills”, “Maziren Pills”, “Lotus Leaves” and so on.

  According to the 8 principles of weight loss treatment, Jiang You Li, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner, proposed that “two techniques of four soups”, “Ze Xia Tang”, “anti-Huangqi soup” can be used for the treatment of wetness;”Chen Tang”, “Sanzi Yangqin Tang”; Lishui, light use “five skin drink”, “water guide diarrhea soup”, heavy use “re-car pill”, “ten jujube soup”, wanted””Small Chengqi Tang”, “Yanwei Dahuang Tang”; “Sanxiaoyin”, “Baohe Pill” for elimination; Shugan Lidan with “Wendan Soup”, “Shugan Drink”, “Xiechang Powder”;Invigorating the spleen with “five flavors and dissipating power”, “Shenzhen Baizhu San”, “Jizhu Pill”, “Wuyi San”; Wenyang with “苓桂术甘汤”, “Jisheng Shenqi Pill”, “Glycyrrhiza aconite””soup”.

  The newly-developed Chinese and Western medicine weight loss prescriptions include: “Sanhua slimming tea”, “light body No.1”, “light body fat-reducing music”, “fat beauty”, “spring breeze tea”, “slimming fat-lowering spirit”, “Tanglong light body wine”, “Tianyan slimming tea”, “Xianji tea”, “Yaoshan slimming tea”, “still nursery rhymes”, “Pulan granules”, “Seven Xiao pills”, “congestion”Fitness 荼” and so on, a wide variety.

  The above preparations have their own characteristics. Unlike Western medicine, in addition to its main effects, there are some overall conditioning effects.

What is important is that the choice of treatment requires dialectical treatment, which varies from person to person.

If possible, the dosage or formula should be adjusted in a timely manner based on changes in the condition.