How many evil skin abuse do you have?

How many evil skin abuse do you have?

In an instant, the autumn wind rose.

Our skin has been tested for a summer and it is time to recuperate.

One of the things every beautiful woman must do every day is skin care.

However, sometimes your little details are not skin care, or you are “skin abuse.”

  Abuse of skin abuse: Absorbing toners Many people like to pour toners directly into their hands, thinking that the toner will be absorbed more easily when they are patted.

In fact, pouring toner on your hands and slaps it will not be able to clean it again, and the toner will run off during the process of slap, which is really wasteful.

The correct method should be: take an appropriate amount of toner and soak the cotton pad, and then gently apply it on the cleansed face, which is also more hygienic.

  It is particularly reminded that it is best to wipe in the reverse direction of the pores, in order from the inside to the outside, and from the bottom to the top, so that it can be better cleaned and absorbed better.

  Skin abuse abuse # 2: alternating hot and cold washing of the face too muchAt the same time, it also destroys the skin’s protective film, which not only makes your skin feel tight and uncomfortable, but also makes your skin more oily and your pores larger.

  Some crushes like to wash their face with cold water, thinking that it will reduce pores, but in fact, using cold water will greatly reduce the intensity of cleansing, and the skin will not be cleaned.

  Nowadays, many people use cold and hot water alternately, first clean the face with hot water, and then splash the face with cold water. This is actually wrong.

Because this requires a good grasp of the temperature of the water, if the cleansing water is too hot, and then the water is too cold, it will irritate the skin and severely cause some red blood.

The correct way is to wash your face with warm water.

  Skin abuse abuse three towels to wipe your face After washing your face, what do you use to dry your face?

Many people answered: Use a towel.

In fact, rubbing a rough towel on the delicate skin will not only hurt and irritate the skin and make the skin look fine, but also a prolonged and wet towel is good for the growth of various microorganisms.Apply a variety of bacteria to both ends.

  The correct approach should be: After washing your face, choose a very soft sponge or cotton pad, gently and dryly absorb excess moisture from the skin, without having to wipe it too dry, leaving the skin with a layer of wet water film.

Especially when you have acne on your body, you must replace the towel with tissue paper and absorb the water in a clogged way, so as not to cause bacterial infection.

  Skin abuse abuse 4 When applying eye cream quickly, the habit is fast and hard, and three or two times are completed.

In fact, to be beautiful, you must not be lazy, because the skin on the eyes is the most vulnerable part of the skin. If you apply it hard or pull it excessively, it will cause more and more wrinkles.

  The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply the middle finger to the skin around the eyes.

Move slowly and lightly, gently bounce around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.

  Skin abuse abuse five random facial massage facial massage must be implemented in a stable manner.

Improper pressing, pulling and rubbing will damage the fragile tissues under the skin.

  The correct method should be: massage the facial skin from bottom to top, preferably once in the morning and evening.

Stick to using some firming skin care products, with a warning every time you apply it, and push it from the bottom up to prevent the skin from sagging.

  Skin abuse abuse eye creams after age 25 Not all women need eye creams after age 25, and some 20-year-old women may also need eye creams.

Because the skin on the eyes is very thin, and there are few oil glands, it is easy to wrinkle, so women should moisturize the skin on the eyes in accordance with their own conditions.

  At the same time, it should be noted that do not replace the eye cream with a general moisturizer, because the general moisturizer may be too greasy, causing eye puffiness and traces.

  Skin abuse abuse in the morning only wash your face with water. Many crushes believe that it is sufficient to wash their face with water in the morning, anyway, it was washed the night before.

  But in fact, the skin’s metabolism after a whole night is not as clean as you think. How can the dirt be completely removed with water?

If the dirt is not cleaned and makeup is applied later, it is easy to insert pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, etc.

  The correct way is: wash your face with a cleanser, and give the skin rich moisture while thoroughly cleansing, so that the skin is calm and comfortable, and the skin is refreshed and soft.

  Xiaobian recommends the use of facial protection for skin care. Internet protection on the face of female netizens is not an enemy, but the powerful electromagnetic radiation should not be underestimated.

Screen radiation generates static electricity, which is most susceptible to dust absorption. Continuous face-to-face contact is more likely to cause spots and wrinkles.

  Before going online: May apply skin care lotion and a layer of light powder to increase skin’s resistance.

  After surfing the Internet: The first task is to cleanse the skin. Wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing liquid, wash away the static-adsorbed dirt, and then apply mild skin care products. It can reduce damage and improve skin for a long time.Women on the Internet are really bit of time and gain a lot.

  If you do not want your eyes to be red and swollen, your face swollen, and your eyes to be dark when you see someone the next day, then you should not fight continuously, especially not staying up late on the Internet.Prepare a bottle of eye drops in case of need.

After surfing the Internet, apply a slice of cucumber, potato chips or a cup of frozen milk, and herbal tea is also good.

  The latest research: Vitamin ABC Skin Care New Knowledge Applying the following vitamins directly to local skin can not only improve the skin’s shape, but also dispel red blood on the face.

  Vitamin A: Where can I apply wrinkles?

Studies have shown that vitamin A can reduce skin wrinkles, fade melasma, and smooth rough skin.

You can prescribe some vitamin A capsules from your doctor. After applying the night cream every night, cut a vitamin A capsule and apply it to the heavier part of the wrinkles.

At the beginning of application, in order to avoid irritating the skin, it can be applied every 2-3 days, and it can be applied every night after adaptation. The skin texture of the wrinkles can be significantly changed within 4-8 weeks.

  Vitamin B3: Improves skin implantation.

Vitamin B3 is also known as nicotinamide. Studies have shown that it can increase the production of ceramide and fatty acids. These two nutrients can protect the exterior and exterior of the skin.

Vitamin B3 is most effective for people with dry skin and over-sensitive skin.

Vitamin B3 can be added in 2 ml of water for soaking and mashing. After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply it directly on the easily dry and sensitive parts of the face, such as near the cheekbones and the brow bones.

  Vitamin C: Most effective against skin sagging.

Studies have shown that vitamin C can remove various free radicals that cause skin wrinkles and sagging, make the skin smoother and firmer, and make melasma fade.

Vitamin C can be soaked in 2 ml of water and mashed. After washing the face every morning, apply it directly on the cheeks, chin, under the eyes, and replace the easily loose parts of the skin. After 6 months, it can be significantly improvedSkin quality.

Using vitamin A and vitamin C together can make vitamins perfect.

However, try not to use it with vitamin B3 at the same time, so as to avoid irritation caused by concentrated use.

Try alternate use.