The 10 good habits of the elderly wanting to live longer are worth learning.

The 10 good habits of the elderly wanting to live longer are worth learning.

To get a healthy body, healthy habits are indispensable, especially for the elderly.

Do not believe that everyone can look at the daily work of the longevity of the elderly, there must be a very worthwhile replacement.

Even if you can’t live in a mountain that is sparsely populated and unpolluted, you can achieve longevity by cultivating some healthy living habits.

  According to the latest report from the US msnbc website, Boston University medical staff found through research that the centenarians have some commonalities in longevity, that is, healthy diet, regular exercise and good at coping with stress. Ordinary people can follow these habits to delay their own life.The aging process.

Therefore, in addition to genetic factors, maintaining the following 10 habits can delay the aging process and help you live to 100 years old.

  First, don’t be too busy after retirement.

Luigi Ferrucci, director of the Preliminary Research Program for Ageing in Baltimore, Maryland, found that the incidence of obesity and chronic diseases suddenly increased in those who suddenly retired.

Retired seniors can engage in their own work experience and a wealth of résumés in the military for social welfare undertakings, such as volunteering as a local lecturer at a local museum or as an extracurricular counselor at a nearby elementary school.

  Second, clean your teeth every day.

Oral care can keep the arteries healthy.

New York University scholars have found that flossing every day reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease.

These bacteria can enter the blood circulating in the body, causing arteriosclerosis, greatly increasing the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure.

Therefore, clean your teeth at least twice a day.

  Third, exercise.

Professor Jay, Center for Medicine and Aging Research, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Osaskai believes that going to the gym to exercise is not the only option. Walking to nearby parks, neighborhoods and shopping malls for 30 minutes every day can also achieve good results.

It is also an ideal choice to increase muscle strength through strength training. Many postures in yoga can decompose similar strength training effects.

  Fourth, eat a cereal breakfast with expected dietary fiber.

This improves blood sugar throughout the period to maintain stability, thereby reducing the possibility of diabetes, delaying the process of aging.

  5. Rest at least 6 hours a day with your eyes closed.

Physiologists have found that older people need at least 6 hours of deep sleep every day to get the body fully rested.

The survey found that centenarians regard sleep as a top priority.

  Six, eat natural food instead of tonic.

An ordinary tomato contains more than 200 different carotenoids and 200 different flavonoids. These chemicals add up to complex interactions that far outweigh the benefits of a single nutrient.

Old people should eat less processed foods that lack nutrients (such as bread, flour and sugar) and eat more colorful fresh fruits and vegetables.

  Seven, don’t worry too much.

Centenarians don’t like to hide their troubles in their hearts, and they don’t think about breakthroughs repeatedly, but take measures to avoid stress.

If you don’t have this natural character, other ways can help you cope with stress, such as yoga, swimming, meditation, tai chi, and even a few deep breaths.

Sitting in front of the TV and chewing the potato chips and drinking will only cause the oil on the fire.

  Eight, strictly observe the habits of work and rest.

The centenarians have a regular daily routine, sleeping and getting up at the same time every day. This kind of good habit makes people always in balance.

When the human body enters the old age, the physiological function becomes fragile. If it is lacking or suffering from wine, it is difficult to restore the body function and change the function of the immune system.

  Nine, maintain good relations with the outside world.

Frequent social interactions with your close relatives and friends can effectively resist depression and avoid abnormal deaths, especially those who are lonely and lonely.

Communicating with friends or family members every day will enable them to better monitor the health status of the elderly. If there is a problem with memory or a phenomenon of isolated people, it is convenient for timely consultation.

  Ten, diligent and rigorous.

According to the book “Longevity Program” by Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin, they found that diligent and rigorous personality traits are significant factors in predicting longevity.

Friedman believes that people with this personality live longer because they are more willing to follow the doctor’s advice, take the right medication and take the right dose, and then routinely undergo routine medical examinations.