Some special points for bathing newborns

Some special points for bathing newborns

Here are some points you should pay special attention to when bathing your baby: The bath temperature is suitable for newborns. The bath water temperature is 38 ℃ in summer?
39 ℃, winter is 40 ℃?
41 ° C.

  Bath time is scheduled before breastfeeding?
2 hours to avoid vomiting.

Do not exceed 10 minutes at a time.

  The choice of physiological saline for newborns should be based on oily dissolution and low alkalinity, and physiological saline for newborns with less irritation is better.

  Never wash the baby’s labia when cleaning for a baby girl, otherwise it will prevent mucus replacement which can kill bacteria.

  When cleaning a baby boy, never push the baby’s foreskin up to clean it, as this will easily tear or damage the foreskin.

  When cleaning the vulva for a baby girl, wash it off afterwards.

This prevents bacteria from the anus from spreading to the vagina and causing infection.

  When cleaning the stump of a newborn’s umbilical cord, moisten the cotton with alcohol, and carefully clean the skin folds around the stump of the umbilical cord.

Then use a clean cotton dipped in powder, and dry the stump.

  Use a ball of cotton or a piece of gauze to clean the buttocks of newborns. Soak them in warm water after washing to thoroughly clean them.

  When cleaning noses and ears, only wash where you can see, not try to wipe inside.

  Note: Many new fathers and mothers are afraid of the cold when bathing their babies. They open the bath to warm the baby while washing. They do not know that the light is harmful to the eyes of the newborn.Then go in and wash.

In the same way, please pay attention to the daily fluorescent lamps to avoid direct exposure to children’s eyes.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause children’s eyes to be refractive.